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Chevening Parish Council

Chevening Estate Parkland Scheme

5th January 2021

Chevening Estate have a planning application with SDC to create a Parkland on the land between Chevening Road into Chevening and Turvins Farm. The deadline for Public Comment is 20th January 2021

It involves extensive landscaping and will, upon completion, create a better public footpath around the Parkland and there are plans to open it to the public at least 1 weekend a month. There will be extensive planting of new trees and the creation of bunds (small hills effectively) to shield Chevening village from the visual impact of the M25.

The landscaping scheme will take over 5 years to complete and will involve multiple (60-100 per day) lorry movements during that time both down Polhill and also along A25 and A224 through Dunton Green

The Parish Council are very keen that their response to the planning proposals reflect the views of Parishioners - both positive and negative. The Council has also employed consultants to give the Council further validation of a number of the assumptions within the planning documentation

There are a number of concerns regarding the impact of the landscaping for which the Parish Council is seeking answers-

  • Noise

The bunds appear to be there for the visual impact, both in terms of seeing lorries and the lighting gantries of the M25 - but the documents don't assess whether the disbursement of noise will be impacted by the bunds

  • Air Quality

The Risk Assessment concludes there is no increased risk to the residents of Chipstead - but this doesn't address any potential increased risk to the residents of Crossways House. Phoenix House Turvins Farm and Morants Court Farm

  • Traffic

The disruption during construction will not normally be considered as a Material Planning Consideration, but the Parish Council is looking to ask SDC to put constraints upon the development which it views as sensible and reasonable given the size and scale of the development and the length of time it will take to complete.

  • In the current Covid environment is it sensible to have 80 lorry movements per day through Dunton Green and Riverhead with the impact on air quality for the residents and users of A25 and A224
  • Will there be assurance from KCC (and finances earmarked) specifically to repair roads, pavements and verges on the routes to and from the site both during development and once completed?
  • If lorries stray from the agreed routes and lorry numbers presented to SDC as part of the planning process will there be financial penalties due to SDC/CPC? 

The Parish Council will be holding an additional Zoom meeting 18th January, once the initial finding from the Consultants have been received. We encourage anyone who has a view to share with the Council to attend that meeting to make sure their voice is heard


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