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Chevening Parish Council

Chevening Parkland - Update

8th November 2022

Chevening Parkland

Following a meeting today via zoom with Sevenoaks District Council & representatives from the affected local parish and District Council ward councillors, the Parish Council thought it was appropriate to update on the process and requirements for the hearing into the Chevening Parkland Development Scheme

The District Council turned the scheme down on the grounds of “inappropriate development on the green belt” and therefore from their perspective that is the only item they can argue against. They cannot introduce any other factors which may have come in to play or introduce other evidence presented at Development Control Committee – they have to defend that single decision. However individuals or organisations outside the District Council may offer NEW evidence on other matters pertinent in this case outside the SDC’s strict remit (ecological points, traffic pollution, noise rebounding from the bunds back into the village etc).

The District Council confirmed that every comment that had been made on the original planning application has been shared with the Planning Inspectorate and therefore there is no need (or point) in reiterating comments that have already been made. It is therefore very important that we focus on either any new information that has come to light or anything that we do not feel was given sufficient consideration at the time the planning decision was made.

The Hearing will take place sometime in the New Year but it is imperative that all additional comments are made to the Inspector via the portal before 2nd December 2022 https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ViewCase.aspx?caseid=3293204

Anyone who feels they have new information to share with the Planning Inspector should provide a written representation with as much evidence as possible. It will be possible to request to speak at the Hearing should anyone wish to talk through their written representation

The Parish Council is pursuing a couple of new lines of potential protest and if anyone has anything else they feel would be suitable for input please do so.

As ever with representations of this nature (& presentations to Planning Committees & Inspectors) concise and succinct presentations with evidence are key

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