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Chevening Parish Council

Natural Flood Management

7th October 2021

Natural Flood Management

A private exchange of emails was recently published in the Chevening Mailer erroneously entitled Chevening Flood Defences.

The emails were intended for the recipients only in the official capacity they hold. The sentiments expressed were borne of frustration as a result of the length of time it has taken to gain resolution to the issue and the intention was to discuss it privately and constructively with all parties (which we have now done) to make headway and to understand exactly what the apparently conflicting but in reality aligned objectives of all parties are.

Indeed we would say that ALL parties involved in the partnership have proved helpful and accessible indeed Mary Tate and her department are proving themselves very much up for the challenge. Although we reiterate that the email was a private discussion piece, and not meant to be put in any other domain whatsoever, we acknowledge through no fault of our own it was, we feel we at least should do the right thing and say sorry to those involved and for any upset caused

The Parish Council remains committed to working with all parties to agree the best resolution to this issue and urges all Parishioners to remain objective and open minded of alternative views and solutions


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