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Chevening Parish Council

Public Right of Way Application – Riverhead Infants School to Back Lane

22nd October 2021

A parishioner is leading a Public Right of Way Application for the footpath from Riverhead Infants School to Back Lane.  If you can help, please let  me know and I'll put you in touch with her

She writes:-

There has been much activity over the past few weeks on the site by the landowner who has destroyed the bike ramps and marked various trees with numbers. There is a real possibility that the footpath may also be under threat as there are rumours that the landowner is seeking planning permission for the site.

In order for the Public Right of Way application to be successful we must be able to demonstrate that the footpath has been used for a continuous 20 year period. However, it is not necessary for every individual to show that they have used the way for 20 years but for everyone’s evidence combined to show it.

If you have knowledge of the route being used for longer than 20 years then please say so on the form.

If you still currently use the footpath please make sure you state this somewhere on the form too.

In reference to the question of the width of the footpath I would describe this in terms of how many people can walk side by side rather than in a physical measurement.

If you have any relevant information to give that is not asked for on the form please write it down or record it on a separate sheet if necessary.

Don’t forget to:-

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Every single form will help to build a picture and provide evidence that the footpath has been in existence for over 20 years and is used by the community.


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