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Chevening Parish Council

Weekly Update from Andy Clark

6th August 2020

Hello all, and I hope everyone is enjoying the weather, with less disturbance now that our unwanted visitors appear to have heeded the message and gone somewhere else. Thank you to those who have acknowledged our efforts in these difficult times.

So far, so good, and thank you to all who have contributed in some way to the joint effort which appears to have done the job. I would be much happier if the owner of the Lake, Baron Deschauer, had contributed in some meaningful way, but sadly not. There is talk of "working together" and "partnership", but I for one am not aware of any tangible effort or contribution from him. Looking at the news reports of him swindling investors out of money by selling land without any planning consent I should not be surprised.............

I regret to say that the Parish Council have concluded that a Summer Party on August Bank Holiday is not possible in the fast changing circumstances of Lockdown. We simply cannot have confidence that we will be permitted to run it.

Similarly we have not been persuaded that the current situation will allow us to open the playground at the Rec. Anyone who wishes to access the government guidelines will see the problem. Putting up signs and literally hoping everyone reads and obeys them will not satisfy the requirements placed upon us. Our Insurers have also placed onerous conditions on any reopening, which we would be irresponsible to ignore. I note that we are not the only Parish Council not to have opened their Playground.

Well done to all those who took the time to email Chevening Estate with their thoughts on their proposed "Parkland Enhancement". We have again invited the Developer to attend our next Meeting on September 7th (via Zoom) to answer questions from the public directly, and will debate the matter ourselves following that.

With the calming down of the situation at the Lake, and other matters appearing to well under control, we have moved to our usual monthly meeting schedule, and I shall not therefore be continuing with a weekly update on Council activities. We can always revert should the situation change.

Best to you all,

Andy Clark.


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